Fort Worth Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem Wtaer Heater Installation pros

If you live in Fort Worth and are looking for a Rheem Gas Water Heater, Rheem Electric Water Heater, or a Rheem Commercial Water Heater you have come the right place. Our Fort Worth water heater technicians can assist you in selecting the best Rheem water heater for you.

Since you reside in Fort Worth, give us a call and let us repair, replace, or install new a quality Rheem water heater today.

Rheem Water Heaters

The Rheem Water Heater is well known for quality.  Rheem’s expertise in residential water heaters and commercial water heaters includes gas, electric, oil, solar and indirectly powered models. The configurations include atmospheric and power vented models, point-of-use and tankless models, and other specialty models as well. In all, Rheem offers Fort Worth an incredible variety of residential products for water heating, combination heating and storage applications.

Rheem Water Heater Repair

Rheem Gas Water Heater – Residential

Rheem Gas Water Heater Repair

Rheem offers a wide array of both natural and LP gas-powered water heaters for Fort Worth residential use. These durable products provide years of dependable service and are designed to give you more hot water for the money.

If you live in Fort Worth TX, call us today and let one of our Fort Worth Technicians discuss the features of the Rheem Gas Water Heaters.

List of Fort Worth Rheem Residential Gas Water Heaters:

XR90 Series
- Rheem 43V30-60
- Rheem 43V30-60
Professional Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series
- Rheem PRO40NE2
- Rheem PRO50NE2
Professional Powered Damper Series
- Rheem PRO40E2
- Rheem PRO50E2
- Rheem PRO50-50E2
- Rheem PRO40SE2
- Rheem PRO50SE2
- Rheem PRO40-40E2
- Rheem PRO50-40E2
- Rheem PROS-40E2
- Rheem PRO50S-40E2
Professional Series
- Rheem 22V40 PROF
- Rheem 42V40 PROF
- Rheem RHG PRO 40-40F
- Rheem 22V50 PROF
- Rheem 42V50-40 PROF
- Rheem RHG PRO50-40F
- Rheem RHG PRO50-50F
- Rheem 42V40SPROF
- Rheem 42VR40SPROF
- Rheem 42V50SPROF
- Rheem PRO40-40FV1
- Rheem PRO50-4SFV1
Professional Heavy Duty Series
- Rheem RHG PRO50-65F
- Rheem RHG PRO60F
- Rheem RHG PRO65F
- Rheem RHG PRO75F
- Rheem RHG PRO100F
Fury Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper Series
- Rheem 23V40NE2
- Rheem 23V50NE2
Fury Powered Damper Series
- Rheem 43V40E2
- Rheem 43V50E2
- Rheem 43V50-50E2
- Rheem 43V40SE2
- Rheem 43V50SE2
- Rheem RR40-40E2
- Rheem RR50-40E2
- Rheem RR40S-40E2
- Rheem RR50S-40E2

Fury Gas Series
- Rheem 42VR40-40F
- Rheem 42VR50-40F
- Rheem 22V30F
- Rheem 22V4036F1
- Rheem 22V40F1
- Rheem 42V40F
- Rheem 22V50F1
- Rheem 42V50-40F
- Rheem 42V50-50F
- Rheem 22V30S-30F
- Rheem 42VR40S-40F
- Rheem 22V40SF
- Rheem 42V40SF
- Rheem 42V50SF
- Rheem RR30-30FV1
- Rheem RR40-36FV1
- Rheem RR50-45FV1

Fury Heavy Duty Series
- Rheem 42V50-65F
- Rheem 42V60F
- Rheem 42V65F
- Rheem 42V75F
- Rheem 42V100F

Power Direct Vent Series
- Rheem PDV40
- Rheem PDV50
- Rheem PDV50-65
- Rheem PDV65
- Rheem PDV75

Power Vent Series
- Rheem 43VP40E2
- Rheem 43VP50E2
- Rheem 42PV60FW
- Rheem 42PV75FW
- Rheem 43VP40SE2
- Rheem 43VP50SE2
- Rheem 42VP40FN
- Rheem 42VP50FN

Power Vent with Electronic Control Series
- Rheem 43PV40E2-E
- Rheem 43PV50E2-E
- Rheem 43PV40SE2-E
- Rheem 43PV50SE2-E

Fury Direct Vent (Horizontal Option) Series
- Rheem 22DV40F
- Rheem 22DV50F

Fury Direct Vent (Vertical Option) Series
- Rheem 22DV40F-VX
- Rheem 22DV50F-VX

Imperial Gas Series
- Rheem 42XR40-40F
- Rheem 42XR50-40F
- Rheem 42X40F
- Rheem 22X40F1
- Rheem 22X50F1
- Rheem 42X50-40F
- Rheem 22X40SF
- Rheem 42X40SF

Warrior Direct Vent Series
- Rheem 21VR30DV
- Rheem 21VR40DV
- Rheem 21VR50DV

Warrior DVX Series
- Rheem 22V40FDVX
- Rheem 22V50FDVX

Warrior Gas Series
- Rheem 22V30FT
- Rheem 22V40FT
- Rheem 22V50FT

Rheem Electric Water Heater – Residential

Rheem electric water heater repair

If you live in Fort Worth TX, call us today and let one of our Fort Worth Technicians discuss the features of the Rheem Electric Water Heaters.
Probably the least expensive tank-type Rheem water heaters to purchase and install, electric-powered models are a favorite with builders and installers in areas where alternative fuel sources are unavailable. Recent regulatory changes have made this type of electric water heater much more efficient thereby making the product class a better value for Fort Worth buyers.

List of Fort Worth Rheem Residential Electric Water Heaters:

Professional Electric Series
- Rheem RHE PRO40-2
- Rheem RHEH PRO40-2
- Rheem RHE PRO52-2
- Rheem RHE PRO66-2
- Rheem RHE PRO80-2
- Rheem RHEM PRO30-2
- Rheem RHEM PRO52-2
- Rheem RHES PRO30-2
- Rheem RHES PRO40-2
- Rheem RHES PRO50-2

Marathon Series
- Rheem MR40245
- Rheem MR50245
- Rheem MR85245
- Rheem MR105245
- Rheem MSR50245

Marathon Thermal Storage Tank Series
- Rheem MTS50200
- Rheem MTS852000
- Rheem MTS105200
- Rheem MTS85245
- Rheem MTS105245
- Rheem MTS85345
- Rheem MTS102345

Fury Electric Series
- Rheem 83VR40-2
- Rheem 83VR52-2
- Rheem 8.VR66-2
- Rheem 83VR80-2
- Rheem 83MVR52-2
- Rheem 82V30-2
- Rheem 82V40-2
- Rheem 82VH40-2
- Rheem 82V52-2
- Rheem 82V66-2
- Rheem 82V80-2
- Rheem 82V120-2
- Rheem 82NV30-2
- Rheem 82MV52-2
- Rheem 82SV20-2
- Rheem 81SVB30-2
- Rheem 82SV30-2
- Rheem 82SV40-2
- Rheem 82SVB40-2
- Rheem 82S50-2

Marathon Point-of-Use Series
- Rheem MR15120
- Rheem MR20120
- Rheem MR20230

Point-of-Use Series
- Rheem 81VP2S
- Rheem 81VP6S
- Rheem 81VP10S
- Rheem 81VP15S
- Rheem 81VP20S
- Rheem 82VP30-1

Rheem Table Top Series
- Rheem 88H-40D

Imperial Electric Series
- Rheem 83XR40-2
- Rheem 83XR52-2
- Rheem 83XR66-2
- Rheem 83XR80-2
- Rheem 83MXR52-2
Warrior Series
- Rheem 72V20-1
- Rheem 72V30-2
- Rheem 72V40-2
- Rheem 72V52-2

Rheem Gas Water Heater – Commerical

If you live in Fort Worth TX, call us today and let one of our Fort Worth Technicians discuss the features of the Rheem Commerical Water Heaters.

Rheem commercial water heater repair

Rheem Commercial Water Heaters offers a complete line of Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty products for all your commercial water heating needs. Our products offer the most diverse tank components in the Fort Worth  industry. From glass on steel, to stainless steel, and polybutylene, Rheem Commercial Water Heaters can meet your hot water demand! Patented features like System Sentinel diagnostics, R-Tech anode rods, and Lifeguard elements are designed with you in mind. Our commercial model meet all current standards including: CSA, UL, ASME, and ASHRAE. All Rheem facilities are certified to ISO9001-2000 standards.  If you live in Humle, you need a Rheem!

List of Fort Worth Rheem Commerical Gas Water Heaters:
- Rheem SPIDERfire Series
- Rheem Universal Heavy Duty Series
- Rheem AdvantagePlus Series
- Rheem Xtreme Series
- Rheem VentMaster Series (Not available in Canada)
- Rheem Induced Draft Series (Not available in Canada)
- Rheem Medium-Duty Series
- Rheem Power Direct Vent Series
- Rheem PowerVent Series
- Rheem Hot Water Supply Heaters Series

Rheem Electric Water Heater – Commerical

If you live in Fort Worth TX, call us today and let one of our Fort Worth Technicians discuss the features of the Rheem Commercial Electric Water Heaters.

With everything from six-gallon utility models to 2,500-gallon giants, there’s a Rheem commercial electric water for nearly every application.

List of Fort Worth Rheem Commercial Electric Water Heaters:
- Rheem Large Volume Electric Series
- Rheem Heavy-Duty Series
- Rheem PowerPack Series (Not available in Canada)
- Rheem Eclipse Series
- Rheem Booster Series
- Rheem Light-Duty Series
- Rheem Point-of-Use Series

Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heaters

The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater features heat pump technology that makes it over TWICE as efficient as standard electric water heaters. That means if your annual energy cost in Fort Worth for hot water is around $520, you could save as much as $286 per year! The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater is also ENERGY STAR® rated and qualifies for Federal tax credits. Additional state and local incentives or rebates may also be available – visit to find out what your state offers.

Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater Installation